Major Upgrades in eBay Store Designer

By Tzipi Schindler on June 30, 2014 Store Designer

We’re extremely excited to announce a few major upgrades that we’ve done in our eBay Store Designer solution.

These upgrades include adding 3 new templates that feature a full width header that you can customize and a sidebar that you can add widgets to.

Also, one of the exciting upgrades we’ve done include the changes we’ve made to Store Designer’s control panel, that now you will find offers you many more options.

So what’s new in eBay Store Designer?

3 New Responsive Templates

New templates for your eBay store

3 new & exciting templates for your store, featuring a full width header, dynamic sidebar you can add widgets to and a featured item in the header that you can change the background for it.

Background for Featured Item

You will find now in your control panel 4 different backgrounds for your featured item, so you can match your featured item’s background with your store’s unique vibe!

Background for Featured Item

6 New Designed Headers

You will find now in your control panel 6 new designed headers for you store, perfect for your new full width header!

Background for Featured Item

Dynamic Sidebar

Want to link your eBay store with your social accounts? Or maybe advertise a promotion? Now you can with our cool new widgets that you can add to your store’s sidebar.

Background for Featured Item

Want to see a certain feature added to eBay Store Designer? We would love to hear your feedback so feel free to drop here a comment in the comment section below!

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Tzipi Schindler is the customer services coordinator for 3Dsellers and one of the regular contributors to 3DSellers' company blog.

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